Looking for an experienced Bubbler for a long term collaboration

we’re a European based social impact company interested in finding an experienced Bubbler to collaborate with longer term.
initial work could be to add new features to an existing app (depending on schedule/timelines) but main bow would be to build new MVPs which aim to Make The World A Better Place… the apps will primarily support novel real-world ventures / interactions, so this is definitely not a case of ‘build a copy of xyz’…

(full disclosure: should any of our apps/initiatives go ‘viral’ we’d want to move it off Bubble - but would look for the required skills further down the road…)

have paid my dues in the Bubble trenches for our first venture but have neither the bandwidth to build out all the ideas nor the interest (am more of a BigThink person and have little interest in becoming The Bubble Expert).

am easy-going and open but rather unconventional:
am strangely allergic to social media, google and using emojis to name some examples, but am not averse to people who do any of the above.
am known to ask uncomfortable questions but i really appreciate constructive criticism and hearing contrary opinions and think that respectful disagreements can lead to much Much MUCH better solutions…!


  • min 2.5 years experience
  • proven ability to build complex Bubble apps with no templates/plugins/AI
  • ability to communicate clearly in writing and provide documentation (eg requirements specs, traceability) which enables discussions about what’s under the hood without having to pop it open and go poking around
  • no (big) agencies

if you meet the above criteria and want to help us Change The World, please DM me with the following:
A introduction (incl. basic info/time zone/anything you feel like sharing/how many years you‘ve been bubbling)
B link to app(s) you’ve built from start to finish with no templates/plugins/AI
C sample requirements specifications
D availability timeline
E min 3 pre-conditions you think would in general be necessary to make a long-term collaboration work
F your specific expectations/terms for collaboration

Thanks in advance

PS not following the above instructions will mean you will not likely get a response : (

PPS if i’ve offended anyone with any of the above, please don’t share the hate - life is too short : )

edit: added AI to list
(no templates/plugins/AI)


Gentle reminder to please include C/E/F:
C it does not appear to be the norm to externally document what one builds in Bubble, so having some sample specs/doc ideas/mechanism is definitely a plus (sample requirements specs: how would you document what you built in Bubble if you were asked to do so…? hint: start with the Business requirements)
E meta-question about ‘collaboration’ (the term is deliberately vague so you can be more concrete)
F say something, anything, just don’t ignore the question

thanks : )

edit: C

what do you mean by ‘sample requirements specifications’ ?

Hello @kunigunda ,

I send you a DM.