Looking For a Bubble Developers for MVP Completion

Hi Bubble Community,

Our company is looking for a bubble developer to help us develop our MVP for a physical therapy application.

We have done some initial research on the needs of the Bubble app / plugin for a business where we need to take video (or just picture stills) of a person and estimate the range of motion of their limbs (so it would return values like "Your right arm is lifted 83 degrees from the side of your body). Turns out that the opensource tensorflowjs library already estimates pose out of the box (see this demo).

The library will return up to 17 data points corresponding with different joints of the body. These, of course, could then be used to determine the range of motion of various limbs. The best part is that getting this working takes less than 30 lines of code (as can be verified by opening that page’s developer tools > and expanding the array which console.logs the array with our 17 data points).

Full Disclosure: we are looking for a truly talented Bubble developer who has a proven track record and willing to sign an NDA.

We are hoping to start eh project as soon as possible and additional work may be available following completion. If all goes well, we are hoping to engage with the developer on an ongoing basis.

Looking forward to connecting.

Very best,

I’m interested… DM sent

I’m interested… DM sent