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Hey guys,

So I’ve posted on this forum quite a few times along with extensively looking through google/youtube for tutorials and bubble’s own tutorials. But honestly, I have too many questions since I don’t have any type of computer background at all.

So I was wondering if there was any “expert” here on bubble that would be willing to personally teach/help me develop my platform. Obviously I’ll still be doing all the work but it’ll be nice to have someone help me with more complex features rather than having to post on forums and wait for replies.

I am kind of in a time crunch hence why I’m asking for a personal mentor on this.

I estimate the time required for this to just be a few hours. I’ve created most of the required inputs and elements, the real issue is just learning how to link everything and have information displayed in the proper locations.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you guys in advance,


Hey mate, Where are you located? Will be a lot easier if your mentor is in the same timezone

I’m from the Toronto area, so the EDT time zone but I’m up very late working on this (2-4AM) so my schedule is pretty flexible

Hey there! :wave:

Not sure if you are looking for paid help or not, but I thought I would throw it out there since that is what I do.

Check out my site at www.NoCodeMinute.com to schedule an appointment if you would like. :blush:

I help walk people through their project and get them going faster than they would on their own, saving them hours and hours of time searching for answers.

You can take a look at the testimonials to see how other clients felt about the sessions they had.

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

Hope that helps! :blush:


Thank you for that option. But I am a recent university student so budgeting is hard. I’m trying to create this MVP Platform as lean as possible. However, if I find that I really need the help (with nobody willing to mentor me) this is a route I will look into!

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No problem! I usually work with established businesses so I understand that it might be difficult for someone with a tight budget.

If you try to make the most out of a session by giving me a list of things you need help with in advance, we can work through A LOT of things very quickly.

So if you can’t find a free mentor then at least you can feel that you will get your money’s worth. :blush:

Hi Brandon,

If you just build your interface and need to “connect” everything together, well, databases in general and Bubble in particular are precisely what this is all about : managing information and let the app make choices in this or that context.

So, in my humble opinion, it won’t take just a few hours to get all this up and running

And there won’t probably anyone accepting to take you by hands for weeks or months (that’s what it takes to build some app form scratch, specially if you’re not used to computer working). Hope I’m wrong but…

But there’s some excellent entry point : interactive lessons that are already built in you Bubble interface. Looking at these, trying a lot of things, then coming back here posting specific questions seems to be a more “cost” effective way.

Good luck and have fun,


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