Looking for advice on "how-to" build an internal wiki software

I’m currently building an internal wiki software (similar to Wikipedia) using Bubble.io

I’ve built a repeating group with multiple rows and columns (see screenshot below).

My question is…how can I make it that when an individual cell is clicked on, there’s a pop-up element that displays the individual cell’s data? Currently, when I click on a cell…the pop-up element is blank.

I’ve uploaded two screenshots as a point of reference

Any help and advice regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for posting! When it comes to data display in popups, there are a number of ways to approach them! First, we recommend inspecting this closely in the debugger (Intro to The Debugger: Testing & Debugging Your App - YouTube). Since you already have something set up to achieve this, you’ll want to inspect it closely in the debugger to see what exactly is happening.

If your current set up should be displaying data here, make sure your Privacy Rules (How to Setup Privacy Rules | Bubble Tutorial - YouTube) are setup so that they aren’t the reason you might not be seeing any data displayed here in run mode!

Do keep us posted.

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Thank you @aschofer

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