Voice Call using twilio

Hi, there.

Currently I’m developing a voice calling bubble app with twilio.

I’ve already purchased the “Twilio Voice - In browser” plugin, but I can’t understand it.

Is it possible to have voice calling only with twilio?

I hope it will be solved ASAP.

Thank you. Regards.

Did you read their docs? Receiving Calls - Docs

what part are you having an issue with?

Thanks for your reply.

But how can i receive calls from twilio?
I’ve just tried but how can i connect the twilio phone number and twilio client element in bubble.io?
I hope your help.


In their getting started section it covers creating the API keys and integration of the two platforms, which step are you up to in the user guide? What part isn’t working?

I’ve completed making calls and it really works.
I’ve checked that with skype phone number, when i make call, skype phone is ringing.
But i want to receive calls in bubble app.

There are no more informations about how to receive calls in docs.
What do i have to do with bubble app?


From the docco it looks like the plugin needs to be added to the page and then you use the event it creates as a workflow trigger, have you set those elements up?

Oh, I’m not sure about that.
you mean twilio client element? what do i have to do with that?

Could you kindly explain about that?
or can we meet on skype?

Sure thing, it’s all covered in this section:

But I’ll send you a DM and can walk you through it if you get stuck

Ok, let me explain.

I need to make and receive calls between bubble app users using twilio.
When i login with one users account, type phone number1 and make a call, other user who’s phone number is phone number1 can receive the call.

How can other user receive the call?

And what is it?