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Twilio Phone Call

Is it possible to make a browser-based phone call using Twilio and Bubble?


Yes, but not easily.

Twilio can handle the phone side of things, but to get the browser to do an audio conversation requires additional tech. WebRTC is probably the best way to go about it.

I’m trying to do something like this, but am building the prototype by getting Twilio to call my users on their phones for now. Much easier than calling through the browser.


I just got the connecting each user by their phones working and it’s pretty fool proof.

I will look into the WebRTC for browser compatibility though thanks!

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How did you accomplish that? I am trying to do the same but am having no luck. Would you mind posting some screen shots of the workflows used?

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i also would love a case study creating a Bubble call center with 800 (freecall) numbers inbound, transferring, etc.

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Hello Josh, did you ever got this working with WebRTC

Hello, would you please share how you accomplished this?