Plugin Request : Phone Call In-Browser

Hello Bubble Community! Could one of our great Bubble agencies create create a plugin for utilizing Twilio to make in-browser phone calls? I’m sure this would be extremely popular for many different use cases.


  • List itemUser wants to make phone call to customer from laptop in airport without giving out cell number.

Needed Features:

  • List itemAbility to mute call

  • List itemAbility to end call

  • List itemAbility to send directions to Twilio to record the call and send back recording URL

  • List itemFlair Feature: Ability to forward the call to a personal cell before then calling the other party.




If anyone sees this post and is looking for an update, I ended up purchasing a plugin from a great developer that does what I needed above. While I can’t publish to the store (Because I didn’t build it), I’ll be glad to share the contact info of who did build it for me.


We have published Twilio in-browser phone call plugin.
For a quick test check the plugin demo page.
View product documentation here

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And Free for the community is a nice benefit! I predict you will get lots of attention with this one.

@josh10 It’s not free. There is a bug in the plugins page.

Lol. That is an interesting bug for them to have.

Have you refined it since we used it in my application? Just wondering if I should change over to it.

I believe you are good with what you have. There is no much change.

Plugin Update: Receive incoming calls
We have released an update that allows you to receive in-browser calls. You should be able to:

  1. Trigger an incoming call and see the caller number and CallSid.
  2. Accept, Reject, Ignore, Disconnect an incoming call

To start using his feature make sure to upgrade to the latest version and follow the plugin documentation.

Right now this feature in Beta version. If you are using it, we would love to hear your feedback.

Is there any way to forward an incomming call to another number?

@christo1 Yes using Twilio Studio

Hey. I want to use your Plugin aswell. Is there a chance to pay once for your plugin not monthly?

I believe there are plugins in the store now. I gave up on that area of my app a few months ago. It was costing too much.

Hey @janstecher,
While our current plugin is tailored for self-managed use cases, we’ll be launch a new product soon. This will be a one-time fee plugin, offering similar capabilities with pay-as-you-go plans. If you’re keen on being part of our beta testing, please sign up at We’d value your insights!