Looking for an experienced freelancer for Teambooster.app


I am looking for a part-time experienced bubble developer. It’s a cool product. check :arrow_down:

Check the product:
We have launched the MVP of www.teambooster.app an HR app that helps teams with improving their teamwork. You can see a guided tour here to get a quick view of the frontend of the app: https://youtu.be/x2BYp-uMOZE

We expect ongoing work:
To get ready for our next phase we want to build a couple of specific features to improve the user experience as well as optimize the apps performance. We have lots of cool ideas and get active user feedback (as well as bugs), so don’t expect to run out of any work any time soon.

I am looking for an experienced developer as you have to take over the work that has been done so far to make the MVP, which has been far from perfect. So also some digging and repair work to do.

We look for a proven experience as its a complex app:

  • working with generating reports incl graphs, based on tailored surveys
  • integrating stripe with multiple billing / subscription options as well as EU type bank transfers
  • building and managing security settings (for example we have just integrated SSO SAML 2.0 login)
  • design/UI skills
  • comfortable optimizing performance of complex apps (e.g., page speed / workload) with a complex app, multiple pages, complex workflows, complex datasets, different user types, cross-page dependent data, etc
  • multi-language apps

Flexible time and fair compensation
On average I expect 4 hr/week for the next months. more of course to get up to speed.
and if you like - and the app performs well - I hope you can increase your hours over time. I am also hands-on involved so we will interact frequently, prioritize items, design it together, discuss trade-offs and possible solutions etc.

We are a bootstrapped company, but intent to pay fair compensation based on your expertise.

Preference for an EU-based developer who is familiar with HR apps and fluent in English.

Interested? Send me a DM with your experience
You can start in the next week(s). I worked with a great developer who took over the work from an agency. He unfortunately has to stop for personal reasons.

Send me a DM if you like to do the dev of teambooster! send me your experience, hourly rate as well as some example projects you have done. Then we do a call together.



and as its an HR app… it contains data sensitive to our clients and falls under the EU GDPR legislation. You have to sign an NDA, and have your GDPR data policy in place. And thats why a EU based developer is hughly preferred


@koen1 PM sent!

@koen1 PM Sent.

please check pm @koen1

I found 2 great developers. thanks all for responding!

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