Looking for Bubble expert for app that connects with Asana & Trello

Hi all,

Getting to know Bubble has been on my todo list for a long time (I’m a 20+ year developer and CTO) but due time constraints its not happening…

So we have a (responsive) app (mostly focused on web, the responsive part would just be good to have) that we want to create using Bubble.

The app would connect to Asana & Trello (and maybe in future to other PM tools) and create tasks / cards (with sub tasks) based on data stored in the app.

I want you to tell me:

  • what do you need (e.g. mockups, designs, data model?)
  • How long it will take you
  • How much it will cost

More details about the project will be provided in private.

You can email me at: steven A.T. kvsocial DOT com

Looking forward to hear from you!

Hey Steven,
Email Sent!