Looking for freelancer to adjust Zeroqode template


I am looking for a Bubble developer who can help me to make some adjustments to the Marketly template from Zeroqode (https://zeroqode.com/template/marketly---full-marketplace-template-1562603835166x116161099662759550).

  1. Instead of the checkout I want people to be able to send an internal message to each other. So on a product the CTA shouldn’t be “Add to cart” but “Contact the vendor”. There thus should be a nice messenger module in it (only the admin has it atm).

  2. People should be able to login with Facebook and or Google

  3. I want people to choose favourite categories

  4. I want to add the possibility for more advanced searching filters (categories, pricem …)

  5. EXTRA: I want to discover the possibility of adding 1 more language

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Hi! Just sent you a PM =)

Hello @mugicagonzalez.pello

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please and feel free to leave your request on our website, or just email us at projects@ezcode.co .

Regards EzCode Team !