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Looking for help, advice, possible partnership

About a year ago I decided to bring to life an idea I had for message time capsule. After a bit of research I decided to use bubble for implementation. After about 4 months of development and testing the app was ready. I announced it on facebook inviting friends to give me their feedback. I got cheered and praised for a great idea, and got a few initial signups but the interest dissipated and that initial push didn’t have any significant effect. I tried finding contact info for some parent bloggers/influencers but my email most likely went straight to the Junk folder. It became obvious to me if the project would ever see any glimmer of success I would need help. At this point I am not sure I will be able to renew the personal bubble plan after it expires. This post is to see if there is anyone out there who would be interested and willing to help.

Here it is:

I would appreciate any constructive feedback and most of all advice or practical proposals.
Thank you!

Hi @bsmaha, how are you?

I work for a company that helps build, market and get startups off to a running start.

I would love to connect you with someone who can explain more about what we do if you are interested.

There’s a whole art to the “zero-to-one” phase of getting a tech idea off the ground. Its not easy, message me and I am happy to give some feedback.