Looking for help on an MVP (Canvas Framework)


I am looking for someone willing to help me on an MVP for a Mechanic Booking Platform.

For the MVP, the focus will be on:

  1. Login/Signup/Onboarding (onboarding has fields which will be reused in app)
  2. Mechanic Client Portal (manual booking entries only) - 6 Tabs
  3. Stripe Customer Portal for managing subscriptions (there is also a bubble app that might do most of the work here)
  4. Admin Portal for myself to manage the platform (Canvas Framework already provide an admin panel, but it may not cover everything I need)
  • Full Figma file is available and based entirely on the Airdev Canvas Framework and their own Figma file, so most of the front-end design, hovers and animations will be pre-built by the framework.

:wrench: Mechanic Client Panel:

  • Mechanics can register their workshop, add info about it, images, and list main service categories, with subcategories selected from a provided list in a CSV by me.
  • Support for multiple garages/mechanics under one owner, each with distinct schedules to allow concurrent bookings.
  • Mechanic panel to include manual booking entries for walk-in customers.
  • Email notifications
  • Stripe Integration with the Stripe Customer Portal
  • Two plans, Free and Paid. Two features will hidden behind a paywall with a popup prompt to upgrade.

:woman_office_worker: Admin Portal:

  • A portal for site administration, managing user data, mechanic profiles, and bookings.
  • Ability to manually adjust or add bookings and details as needed.
  • I believe the AirDev Canvas Framework manages most of what I need by default here.

:computer: Technical Requirements:

  • Ideally, someone who has experience with the Airdev Canvas Framework. This framework has all the functionality, design, hovers, animations and rescale for Tablet and Mobile I need, with some slight edits on the front end on the page templates. But I am not the expert so open to suggestions.

Budget: $1300


The project is mine, I am not part of a company or anything similar so I suppose my budget can be seen as low, but I also believe it not to be a complex app.

Would love to see if anyone is willing to take on the project.

Thanks for your time!

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Hey Kriyor,

I have been building a similar app but for professionals.
We can get on a call and you can preview them.

I think if you upped your budget a lot you might get some agencies interested in building this out for you but $1300 for that MVP is way too low

I believe you said it yourself. I am not interested in agencies since they are out of my budget.

Even for a freelancer to build out that platform as it is in the figma is way too low

You will run the risk of getting someone who is inexperienced and cause all kinds of problems and then end up cost you more to fix it or worse yet, shutting the whole thing down.

Your figma looks amazing and it is a great idea but I wouldn’t try and cheap out on the development side of things. Have you thought about getting an investor?

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Fair play for putting his budget out there, saves so much time for everyone…

But yes I’d be worried about getting a developer at this price - tread carefully - I posted a guide a while back titled How To Hire A Bubble Developer that you might find useful.


Yeah this is something I’d easily take on, but $1300… It’s a little low. For that, I’d be able to setup your DB, login & signup, and maybe your onboarding process, but all-together might need to go a little higher (like around $3000). Great presentation though, as I wish more clients would use Figma :slight_smile:

ALSO: I’d recommend you remove your Figma link. Just a precaution. Maybe just show a few screenshots, but that’s a lot of work you did for someone else to take it.

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Hi @kriyor,

I can absolutely help you find the perfect one for your Bubble freelancer needs. We have lots of vetted experts and Certified Bubble Developers offering their services at different hourly rates depending on their years of experiences and skillsets. They can surely meet your budget and requirements. Kindly check my DM. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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@kriyor I will do it, check your inbox.

I believe, most of us are missing, he is using the Airdev template, so most of the UI is done with a few clicks, we just need to set up the Database, Workflows. and other backend parts.

yah, the budget is low but not that much.

Thanks for the consideration, but copying the file is disabled, and if someone steal screenshots, well…nothing new.

I find one thing strange with Bubble pricing, a while ago I tried finding someone to this as a custom build, with my database hosted on smth. like Firebase or AirTable and for around $2k, there were a ton of people who could do it as there are a many frameworks in like React that help do this kind of app fairly quickly. In the end, I didn’t want to deal with managing the security of the database myself.

For some reason, for a simple app, as this one is fairly simple by all standards, with a framework that does around 70% of the front-end for you, the pricing of most people is more than a custom build outside of bubble. Imagine if making a website on Webflow is more expensive than a custom build.

I believe bubble freelance and agency pricing are a bit out of touch. But hey, as long as there are people paying them, not your problem.

Maybe I am missing something, but I thought the entire idea of a no-code builder was reduced development costs.

Not hating or accusing, just pondering why.

No code doesn’t mean no time.

A ton of people who told you to do it.

I’m sure nothing will make you change your mind but just be careful because at this price point you will not get the best developers. The Canvas framework is faster but comes at the expense of performance if you don’t significantly rework it.

Compared to what we often see on the e forum, your budget is by no means an insult (there’s probably some people who’ve tried to get this built for $200), and I do believe you’ll get lots of quotes, but these quotes will be from people who aren’t entirely sure what they’re doing and are charging low prices for a reason (I’ve interviewed lots of them…)

Best of luck, but if you’re doing $1300 then pay upon completion, and make sure you get another developer to verify app security once complete!

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I see. And yes, I am a bit worried about the Canvas…I’ve read great things and then so great things so that’s a bit of confusing. Maybe if it proves a viable idea, I will just rebuild it with someone at a proper budget range.

If are so kind to tell me, when you say performance issues, do you mean just the speed of the app or it may also impact the workload units Bubble uses to calculate how expensive the app can become?

Dont be worried by Canvas, its from Airdev one of the most trusted Agency probably one of the first bubble agency. They do there building entirely on it.

Yah, if the dev is novice and he make the app wrong. Then its an issue.

Just today, i found Rapid Dev build an app and there privacy rules make it wild open for any logged in user to see … Any users any field even sensitive data. And Rapid dev call them self one of top agency.

Yes, Airdev is trusted and I think they have good processes in place to build secure apps. They contribute a lot of free resources and I think they’re a pretty good company (even if they charge unruly amounts whilst the work is distributed to low paid devs abroad!). If you paid Airdev for an app, I’m sure it would be done to the project scope, by the deadline, without any issue. That can’t be said about many of the other ‘Gold’ tier agencies. But the Canvas framework does sacrifice performance for speed so they can build apps consistently and quickly.

The most obvious example that I always refer to is using searches in the template header for menus. That means that every time a page is loaded, the menu items appear later than the rest of the page, and you’re running an extra search on page load. It looks really silly and feels really slow.

So yes, both. But, on your budget, that may just be something you have to deal with.

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Totally agree, except the performance issues. It may have some, but its not as critical as your pointing out sir.

Bubble still takes a lot of time to setup the “front end” and workflows. They remove the worry about finding all the extra services you need just to host a site and put something on a front-facing page. Sure, people can copy & paste elements, but from my perspective… I barely copy other work or use templates. I have only used Canvas’s template once, and I wasn’t satisfied. Just something about using it that doesn’t feel like you’re actually learning. But that’s just the half of it.

When you get into the workflow and customization in terms of UI and database management, that’s when things start to get challenging. Using prebuilt templates do not allow you to learn those obstacles.

At first I agreed with you when I learned about Bubble, I thought it was something where people could go and just make a site in like one day. I learned quick it’s not like that. If you go solo, it will be your best bet in learning, but you’ll have to remind yourself it’s not an easy challenge you’ll be able to beat in a day, it’ll take a while to learn the ins and outs of this framework.

Also, you made a comment about how someone would build something like this for you for 2k with React, I honestly don’t believe that. You won’t get a credible or functional application within that budget for 2k (least within the specs of your Figma). I build with React, and NextJS all the time, I charge twice for what I charge here for the work. I know almost all front-end languages and frameworks and knowing “how to bubble” is one of them. If someone had told you that, do not accept it. @georgecollier made the comment whereas you will get what you pay for ideally.

  • I still have like two apps I haven’t released cause I started working on them about 2 years ago and just aren’t quite ready. Clients take precedence over my own projects haha.

Dropped you a message, awaiting your response :smile:

Hello Kriyor , dropped you a message !