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Looking for long term colab


I’m looking for a long term collaboration.
To check out the fairness of your pricing model, and to avoid NDAs and waste time, please tell me how much would it take (money and time) to add this functionality to an existing bubble app:
Sign-up with F, G+ and email, login with F/G+/email.
Nothing else.

Thank you!
Looking forward yo see your replies - IN DM.


No NDAs, 100% remaining in your pocket … though diy … but easy (paid monthly (with a lot more beyond login ) but … an option for your consideration) :grinning:

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thanks but the idea was to see the fairness of how the dev charges and its experience.

Also, it’s not 100% remaining in my pocket, as it is a pay per usage :).

I did respond to a similar query about 4 days ago. Shall I send another DM, I never heard back from before.

it means I didn’t agree with your price. Also you didn’t specify the time. Thanks!

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Time wasn’t included as I indicated earlier needing to see api docs or know more about your use case never heard back.

Being too expensive makes sense, but again I had indicated I was not sure of the end cost as I needed more information.

Anyway, I appreciate your response! Good luck!

Hi, @mvandrei, I can help you with this features. I have 1 year experience in bubble. My common rate is 5$ an hour and it will take 2-3 hours to complete your tasks. DM me if you are interested. Thank you!

Regards, Bakhtiyor Mamaev.