Looking for opinions on how to proceed with MVP

I’m looking for some thoughts around the best/most efficient way to get my idea launched. As of today, I have successfully built my web app to have the functionality/features I need to launch. However, this brings me to the other half of launching an app, UIUX design. Right now, I built my webapp solely around the features but it is a mess responsive-wise and it’s not very pretty (UX).

I figured there are a few options to get it to a better place, but as someone who is looking to launch ASAP, I’m looking for some help. Below I’ve outlined my options:

  1. Pay a freelancer to finish building it
  2. Utilize Templates to piece together something presentable
  3. Learn UX and trial/error my way to an MVP similar to what I did for the features.

I’m mostly leaning between 1 and 2, however, I’m working on a fixed budget which I’m not sure I could pay a freelancer enough to get done (or want to use that money elsewhere in the business to launch). 2. I’m just not sure if this is even possible to take parts of different templates to piece together what I’m looking for, or if it’ll even be cohesive enough to launch with.

Really appreciate anyone that chimes in here!


I would probably go with 2. But try to find a template that has everything you need. Using multiple templates will add unnecessary complexity. And as you pointed out, it’s pretty hard to build a UI that’s cohesive with parts from different templates.

Go with 3 only if you feel like you already have a decent design sense. UI/UX isn’t something that can easily be learnt in a few weeks.

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Hi, Sarah, I am trying to access the database. How do I receive a code? Thank you!