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Looking for opinions

How do you feel about popups after a user completes a task/submits a form?

Are there any alternatives that you use?

Looking forward to your responses :slight_smile:

Hi there, @JohnT… do you mean a popup that confirms the successful completion of a task/form submission? If so, uh, definitely don’t do that. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though… a popup is way too intrusive/disruptive in such a case, and I’m sure most folks (myself included) use some sort of contextual alert, icon, or toast message to let the user know about the successful completion without getting in the way of the user performing their next action.

Anyway, just my two cents.



Could you show me an example of what you do or other alternatives?

I’m not necessarily suggesting that you use a plugin, but here is an example of what I am talking about, and here is the associated plugin.

Hahaha. I’ve never really understood the hate for popups. I personally use them as a developer and don’t mind them as a user.

As long as their done properly (not spammy, scammy, sketchy), I personally say go for it :rofl:

@mac2, you like popups for success messages? If you do go that route, one thing is for sure… you better give your users a way to turn the popups off for good because that is what most of them are going to want to do. Heck, Bubble shows a popup when you create/modify database entries via the App data tab, and I have seen plenty of complaints over the years about not being able to dismiss that popup permanently (yes, I know you can hide it, but it’s not permanent).

Ok to be clear, some are annoying AF. As mentioned, Bubble’s use of them in the editor is super annoying, especially for creating/modifying data.

However, for more one-off functions, I can’t think of a platform that bugs me with success popups.

I need to self-reflect here, between your response and a recent tweet I saw, I am in the minority with this opinion.

how do I create something like that? Looks like a shop with text and a countdown timer.

I am looking for one for a web app not mobile

What about searching for additional things associated with content on the page? Right now I have a popup that navigates the user to a list of things they can search for, what are some alternatives to that?

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean on that one. Can you share a screenshot or two to clarify what you described?

I don’t have one but ill try and break it down.

A user has a list of chats and when a user wants to create a new chat they click a button which shows a popup and they are able to search users to create a chat with. What are my alternatives for a pop up here.

It’s hard to say without knowing the layout of the page that shows the list of chats and without understanding the overall user experience of your app. That being said, a simple multi-dropdown at the top of the page with a placeholder of something like “Select users for new chat” and an icon next to the dropdown to initiate the chat could do the trick.

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