Looking for partner to help with important charitable project

Hi I am a Cambridge economist and former UN specialist hoping to develop an app for colleagues to implement. Please see below description. There is a high chance this app will have a significant charitable effect. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. It will look great on any CV/portfolio. Thanks.

Three page app to facilitate European cross-border donations from citizens to European healthcare systems.

**Page 1/main/landing page (1 central feature) **

Dynamic “flight-path interface” (must be beautiful!)

  • map of Europe that displays “flight-paths” of donations occurring in real time [e.g flight-path line from UK to Spain when a British citizen donates a sum of money to Spain.]

  • User can click on countries on “flight-path interface” to make donations to them [e.g. user can click on Italy to make a donation to Italy]

Page 2: donation and live update page (three features)

drop down menu for users to select their own country, the country they wish to donate to, and the sum of the donation.

Live feed of donations being made in real time (in list form). [e.g Dave from UK donated 10 EUROS to Germany]

Leadership board to show highest national contributors (updated in real time) [e.g. 1. France has donated 324,245 EUROs. 2. Finland has donated 234,234. EUROs 3… etc. etc etc.

Page 3: simple live news feed that reports on global Covid19 stories.

Welcome to the Bubble community!
Bubble is an ideal fit to build out the functionality you are looking for and I would be happy to assist you on the same.
Feel free to reach out to me andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes and Have a great day ahead,