🇺🇦 Whats apps can we build to help the Ukrainians today?

The war between Ukraine and Russia is devastating and peoples lives have been completely turned upside down.

Does anyone know what people in Ukraine are struggling with now that we can maybe develop some apps to help them in this difficult time?


Yes, there is definitely something we can do to help them. The United Nations estimates that around 100,000 Ukrainians have been displaced by the war. I see from the news that thousands of refugees have started arriving to neighboring countries like Poland and Romania, maybe an app such as family finder or fundraising will be very useful for them.


Find locations for refugee assistance in the countries they may be fleeing to

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I am from Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Now we have more pressing problems. Today we brought bottles from all over the city, we mix Molotov cocktails, we make anti-tank barriers, we donate blood, we hide in basements during rocket attacks, we go out to catch scouts and gunners from Russia.
We have very strong IT specialists, so everything is organized. Mainly due to telegram channels.
But if you suddenly need something that can be implemented with the help of a bubble, write. I and many other bubble developers from Ukraine will respond, there are many of us here )))
Ukraine Loves the bubble.
Personally, I am the developer of the geekle.us project. The whole team of this project is from Ukraine.


Can you help me/us understand this statement a bit better, @lstk.kb? Write what and to whom? How can we best make use of writing to help?


I don’t know how the bubble and its community can help us now. But if someone knows, I’m ready to help).

I’m sorry, I don’t know English. Communicate using google translate

Ah, okay… that was my misunderstanding, but I know what you mean now. I am happy to help, too, if we can find a good way to do so.

Hi there @lstk.kb ,
I’m a full time web developer. I’ve worked for many different bubble agencies. If there is an app that can be made to help Ukrainians, I’d happily build it for free, as fast as I can. Happy to work with whoever.

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A webapp with a maps API that lets:

anyone from neighboring countries submit their geo-location as a “host”, and displays the locations on a map?

Can be done as a single page app.

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That’s an interesting idea!
I saw some posts on Instagram or Facebook groups created for that.

I think there is lot of people that want to offer themselves like hosts.

How about committing to donating one (or eight) hours worth of consultancy fees/salary, today, to the UNHCR / Red Cross? (I did both, felt good)

I think that would ultimately be more efficient than trying to create another app without deep domain knowledge or means of distribution.

If you want to go big, voice support today for your national gov’t to send over some spare NLAWs tomorrow, they are a very good and defensive-only way of stopping the war in it’s tracks (quite literally)… Sounds like something @lstk.kb and friends would love to put into good use.


I’ve seen from news their govt already had one (the family finder) , I agree with @alxgrepe after I took sometime, I think it is much better to donate.


хоробрий Ukraine !
(brave Ukraine!)

We are with you in the fight :pray:t2:

I will have some project requirements soon. Stay in contact.


Hi there, I am Volo from Ukraine.

I wish I had the ability to tell you guys how can you actually help us, but my posts become flagged and hidden immediately.

What a shame.

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Please share how people can help.

I think there are other outlets for details and photos.

This is not at all a attempt at censorship.

For the records, I am on your side.

@NigelG… as you know, I am the one (or at least one of the ones) who flagged the post, and the reason I did so is because a very similar post right before it was met with a response that started with something like, “I’m sick of this bullshit!” I can’t imagine the moderators want that kind of thread in the community, but if I was wrong, you obviously have the ability to bring the post back. If the same suggestion for how to help is put in this thread, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes down the same path, but I will refrain from flagging the post and any responses it might get. In my opinion, this particular suggestion for how to help should go straight to Emmanuel and Josh, but again, I could be wrong, and if I am, you have the power to right said wrong. :slight_smile:


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I am not at all sure I am the right person to be making this decision.

I have escalated to Bubble.

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Hi guys! I started this thread and many are willing to help however we can. It is also important that this thread and forum does not become a cesspool of negativity and politics. I think the moderators are doing a great job and no matter what they do there will be decisions we wont always agree to. From the moderators perspectives, better safe than sorry.

Again, tell us how we can help but please avoid negativity. We are with you!


Verified ways to help Ukraine | Euromaidan Press


I haven’t seen the posts in question. But generally – these aren’t normal times and any Ukrainian Bubblers posting on the forum are likely under extreme duress. I would rather see their posts kept up so at the least we can hear what any Bubblers from Ukraine are trying to tell us.