Looking for payments or gateways procesors

Looking for payments or gateways procesors. Thanks!

Hello, good day, I am searching for processors or payment gateways to link them to my website. I offer a series of services and I have a project to implement premium services, more detailed and personalized to the taste of users. In addition to this, I could also cut paths, if there are people here with the ability to sell me these gateways or payment processors, we offer attractive payments for these accounts once we verify them. We want accounts that can process credit card payments anywhere in the world preferably, if they are compatible with Recurly much better, the payment by said gateway or processor will increase considerably. No more to say, I say goodbye. I look forward to your timely comments. Thank you.

SaturnSm :smiley:

I suggest Stripe, been using it for a while and it does the job :slight_smile:

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