New payment gateways coming online?

Hi Bubble,

I can’t find the new features request page or feed.

I am just wondering if there is any plans to integrate any more payment gateways in the software in the near future. Being in the UAE means I cannot use the current options.

Additional Options would be Payfort, checkout, network international, telr innovate payments, 2checkout

If this is not available, is there any customisation that could be done on a one off basis.

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Using Blockspring would let you do a lot. We can add that on request, we’d probably ask you to sponsor this as we already have stripe and PayPal. Reach out by email if you want to chat about it.

Hi Emmanuel, I will email support regarding this. Thanks.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I figured it’s better than starting a new one

I’m also looking to do payments in the UAE. Has anyone implemented a payment solution that works over here?

I up this thread as well, I need a Payment gateway such as Payfort which is a leading Payment Gateway in the Middle East. Also Payfort has been Acquired recently by Amazon which will make it a primary Payment Gateway in near future.



I’m looking at Payfort as well. Have you implemented this for any apps yet?

How much would you expect to charge to implement it?

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I’m willing to pay and help implementing this If we have to do it as sponsored request.

Here is the API documentation of PayFort:

Some Known Integrations:

Sorry to bother you, but did you look at Ikajo International?
I didn’t see any person recommending this service here.
I’m not sure if they work with the UAE, however… but you could ask them directly.