Looking for plugin development - willing to pay

Hi all - I am looking for a freelancer to build a plugin for Kloudless calendar. The code for all the calls I am looking to make are here: https://github.com/Kloudless/meeting-scheduler.

Functionality with the plugin I am looking for are:

  1. Create a new account and a new calendar
  2. Add/Remove a connected calendar
  3. Add/Edit/Remove availability windows
  4. Show availability windows by calendar
  5. Create/edit/cancel a new event on their calendar

Feel free to publish the plugin yourself after building. Please send me a message if you’re interested.


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@vini_brito or @sudsy or @lottemint.md Might be able to help you out :wink:


Thanks so much! I filled out the forms on all of the sites they list in their profile, much appreciated!