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Plugin developper

I’m looking for freelancer to create two plugins based on existing js/jquery library and available to do that in next week (or 2). Can collaborate but don’t have time myself to do that actually.

Thanks to reach me!


I would be interested in hearing more about your project. PM me or email at [email protected]

Thank you,



I have seen your requirement and I can help you with the same. Please check PM for more details.


Why not post the requirements here. Maybe we’ve already built it?

I am an experienced developer and would love to hear more about your project.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

The two script that I want to integrate are:

select2, most specificaly this: to be able to search a Get Data From Api result (that actual search cannot do. I’m using a workaround with a repeating group but it’s slow).

Second is mobiscroll date time picker

There’s a few thing to be able to do with that.

Let me know at first sight how much time and quote you think (separated please)


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Two nice plugins :slight_smile:

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Hey! Did you ever integrate mobiscroll time picker?

Flat picker is very easy to integrate and wayyyy sexier than the built in

It comes free in my newly released free calendar plugin!

Yes but you need to have a license for it if I remember