Is this possible to create? (Please help ) 🙏

Hi all,

I’m hoping to create a web based app and extension to this app (chrome extension) where this would be the most popular UI/UX steps of a user:

  1. Checks out a recruiter on linkedin
  2. Clicks on chrome extension (extension of the app I would build on bubble)
  3. Small extension pops up where It gathers the e-mail and a few important information of the recruiter and at the bottom it says ‘write e-mail’ (hopefully an API like rocketscience or other can scrap the info)
  4. This would prompt a new (bigger) window with the information of the person to the right (previously scrapped) and also tabs that when clicked show different ultra personalized e-mail template suggestions
  5. Previews e-mail templates to check which one he likes
  6. Chooses templates he wants and customizes e-mail to his liking.
  7. Sends e-mail from window created from extension

Can someone tell me if this is possible to create in Bubble? I am new and hoping to learn!


This is all 100% possible with bubble. Although, you will need to know how to turn your app into a chrome extension. It’s actually super simple. I wouldn’t pay for it if you know what you’re doing.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’m thinking of starting to learn with a course… Would you recommend a specific course? Or youtube video? Thanks man!!

If you understand programming, learn how to make a chrome extension FIRST. Then, instead of using your own code, wrap the extension in an iFrame of your bubble app. You’ll need to understand how to make and modify your manifest.json, and then submit the extension to the marketplace for approval. You can always use your extension if you “unpack it” within your extensions on your browser.

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Got you! I’ve done little to no programming but this seems like really useful information I can use. I’ll follow this recipe…

What you’ll need to know: HTML, JSON. That’s about it.

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