Looking to Hire Help Building Advanced Filters and User Shopping Carts

Hi all,

Currently building a tool that generates a range of custom product packages with different package prices for the user based on what product types they are looking for (i.e. a dynamic custom quote tool that presents a range of package options with different products in each package, rather than a static quote tool that present just one option).

I have been using Bubble for a couple of months now and have built the layout for the site/app and am comfortable with the basic functionality. I have also created a dynamic questionnaire that collects the user data and the type of products and quantities that they want.

The next step is taking the user inputs/data to create a product/package listing page that displays a range of different package options customised to the user and then the ability for the user to select and customise one of the packages and complete the purchase.

We need some help building this part of the site/app with advanced filtering and workflows to get it to work (probably some work required in the database side as well to ensure the product/package/user preference data is all stacked/set up correctly).

Either through coaching me through it or building it and explaining it after ideally.

If you think you can help please get in touch with me on jordan@cosysmarthomes.co.uk


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I will send you an email. :+1:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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