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I’m totally new to bubble, currently using webflow and got stuck where I was told they limit the collection items to 100 on the front end and there is no pagination. So having more than 100 items on the front end is not possible. So I’m looking for alternatives.

First of all I spent like 5 min to find out contact details for bubble. Do they not have support or sales that I could email or phone?

I’d like to see if I could switch my site webflow to bubble. I’d like to use a template it possible so that I don’t have to spend too much time setting things up. I need 2 tier filters. I found these:

This seems to be similar but has a 1 tier filter. On the left I could set up apps (Axure, Sketch, Omnigraffle) but then when one is selected there is no further filter. Would it be easy to add filter like “Freebies”, “Templates”, “UI Kits”?

Again, this seems to be a 1 tier filter, although if I could have 1 page for each app (Axure, Sketch, Omnigraffle) I could use the filter system for each?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @barnabas, welcome.

It’s not all that difficult to add a 2nd filter to any of these, once you understand how to use Bubble. Learning Bubble, on the other hand, will take some time – I took a 20 hour video course (watched at 2x speed) and was ready to “code” somewhat productively after that. Many months later, I can probably “code” 5x faster now that I really know what I’m doing.

Bubble doesn’t have a sales line. Their team engages on the forums and also responds to bug submissions, etc. Additionally, the Bubble community is strong so the forum is a great place to go for help. And, since all of the content is searchable, it’s easy to find answers to nearly all of your questions when your first getting started.

I should also point out that there are a lot of 3rd party developers and coaches who support the Bubble community, and provide advice on demand, outsourced development, etc. For example, @levon is the coach/bubble developer who taught me a lot of the basics early on and helped with our product. He’s also the guy who built the Product Hunt Clone that you referenced. So, if you’re looking for someone to provide hands on support for your needs, then I’d recommend you reach out to him.

All the best,

Thanks for your response. I’ve done the first lesson and it was quite complicated. Even though no coding is required you have think in a “bubble way”.

I’m happy this would be possible with bubble I’m just concerned that the time I’d get there where I want to would be too long.

I reached out to the template developer and I was chatting with Levon I believe and he said they just sell the template and can’t help me with customization. Unless I of course pay $50/hour. Thank you very much.

Yeah, of course you’d have to pay for his time to customize it. Don’t know why that’s a surprise.