Looking to Make Zenbooker Clone

Hi there!

I am interested in making a booking software to use for my marketing clients who run residential cleaning businesses.

Initially, I was looking to find a software to become an affiliate with, however, I wasn’t able to locate one that stuck with me.

That was until I found Zenbooker.

I absolutely love Zenbooker, except there were two key issues I came across when trying to implement it with my clients:

  1. It has no API or integrations behind it. This leaves it useless when working with a CRM or email marketing service.
  2. It looks like whoever built it has completely abandoned it support-wise.

With that being said, when I dove deeper into Zenbooker, I realized it was built on bubble.

That leaves me here…

I have never used bubble before, but would love to be able to get my hands on a tool like Zenbooker with an API/Zapier integration built into it!

Does anyone know who built Zenbooker so I can get in touch with them. I’ve tried their support, yet no one has answered.

If not, does anyone know how I can go about building an identical web app with bubble in-house?

Any help at all is welcomed and much appreciated :slight_smile:


Amazing what can be built on Bubble. I really like the design. I think it would take a beginner 2-3 months to make a clone.

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What makes you think Zenbooker is not maintained anymore? I can see some bugs on the app but from everything else it looks they are active.

They have Intercom on the main page if you want to contact Jamie.

I’ve tried their Intercom chat as well as their Facebook messenger over the past few weeks, yet no response :frowning:

It’s really mind blowing what they made with Zenbooker. I hope you can get a hold of them. If you run a whois you can see a phone number.

I got a reply:

Hi, yes we’re still actively working on — and supporting — Zenbooker! Currently, we’re working on a big update to service zones.

Out of curiosity, what forum did you hear about us on?

Jamie Carmody
Founder at Zenbooker


Hmm, take a guess :smirk:

Full respect to the developer of Zenbooker though - overall nice presentation, list of features and design.



Got a message from Jamie letting me know that she’d love to chat. I’m guessing this forum must’ve shown up on her radar as it’s been about 1.5 months since I first reached out.

Will be meeting with her this Monday.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Hi Jasper… were you able to create a zenbooker clone with APIs? I am interested in using an app like that you eventually created one. I absolutely love Zenbooker too. Two issues I see with is that is doesn’t have APIs and it does not allow users to select a preferred provider while booking. Also tried reaching out to the company but no response so far.