Learning Bubble

Bubble has a lot of very good tutorials, but as someone with zero programming experience I need to get a more formal start with learning the concepts and how to use Bubble. Is there anyone out there offering coursework on how to create programs with Bubble?

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What kind of apps are you trying to build with Bubble? Happy to help out. I’m actually launching a video course later this week on how to build an AirBnB marketplace app from scratch with Bubble, Blockspring and Zapier. No programming experience required :slight_smile:
Feel free to DM me and I’ll get you involved in the beta!


I’m curious to know what you are using blockspring and zapier for in your example?

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Hi - I’d be very interested to be involved in this, if you’re willing to add me to your beta.

Let me know – thanks very much,


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Like I posted, I am new to the forum and would like to engage but some of what I would need to discuss is not for a public vetting. I can be contacted at DrS@thedentalintegra.com. Thanks

Sure thing!

Zapier is being used to handle everything after a transaction takes place. Customer support, notifications, stripe handling, copying logs to a Google Sheet, etc. You could accomplish a lot of this with Bubble, but the larger list of integrations in Zapier makes it ideal for supporting a transaction. Also, it is easier to teach creating one webhook instead of several to non-programmers.

Blockspring is used to generate short, alphanumeric strings (for now. Based on their upcoming elimination of the free pricing tier, I might phase it out of future versions of the course).

I have seen your post and I am interested to know more about your course.
Please feel free to send me some infos.

I’m building a mental healthcare matching service for patients and providers. I’d value learning everything that you know about how I should go about this. May I contact you directly for help?

Sure thing! Feel free to reach out via DM or brent@codefree.co

i bought a cheap course at udermy. really helped me.