Looking to pay someone to help me as I go

I am building apps for clients and I am new to Bubble. I already have a project started.

Ideally someone is available most days monday-friday 8-5 and could jump on as needed to help.

I like to chat in google hangouts.

Open to pay, just let me know what you want hourly.

Anyone interested? send me an email [email protected]


Not sure what kind of responses you may get, but $10-20 an hour is pretty low pay if you’re located in the US or the EU.

$10 an hour is below the National Living Wage in the UK !


Hey guys, this is not a full time gig. This is just something for someone on the side. You can be working on other things while working with me. I just want to chat and have some questions answered from time to time.

If 20/hour is not worth your time, please let me know what is.

[email protected]

50$/h at least!

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Hello Jason,
Sent you an email.
Kindly check.


You could always post in the forum.

Lots of people will help you here.