Looking to replicate project in Bubble

Hey guys!

We are looking to migrate one of our projects to Bubble! You can check the current version here: https://wuukia.nuuvem.com/. Wuukia is similar to GameFaqs, which is a CMS focused on game guides, tips and cheats (text, videos, pics) that are community created and centered about specific games.

The goal is to replicate the website and its current functionality, including the UI/UX, post, users and games creation and management pages and re-upload the current datebase (users, posts and games data will all be provided in CSV files).

We are looking for initial estimates (no worries, you’ll have the opoortunity to adjust your estimate once we get deeper in details).

We ask that you please send your initial estimate and previous portfolio work on Bubble through DM before we will hop on a call to discuss further details. So please remember to subit those if you are interested in this project. :wink:

Thank you!


I can help you with this. I’m doing bubble development for the last 3-4 years already. you can read more about me here: https://www.productninja.co/
let’s have a short meeting: sivsiv@gmail.com

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Hello @fernando2

I’ve just dropped you a message in DM with all details, I would like to help you with migration of your app.
I can estimate that the migration will take from 2 until 4 weeks, I think it’s very fast and comfortable for you.

Best regards,

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