Looking to send nice looking emails from Bubble with formatting etc

We use bubble to create a system where we generate leads and then set them to a partner action. Right now the partner doesn’t use bubble they just get the lead by email. With the built-in email function of bubble it seems pretty basic and mostly text-based. I’m not looking for anything fancy but I’d like a way to send the email so that it is branded more like our partners company.

Not looking for anything fancy more just the ability to include their logo at the top of the page and then maybe headings in a different font and color from the body, with the email being 70% of the page width etc vs just rows of text and so on. Just to have something that’s a little more branded and nice looking than just text only. Thanks!

Hey @lmoreau

Yeah the default workflow action of ‘Send email’ is mainly just for text based with dynamic expressions, nothing fancy for layouts or styling I’m afraid. Be nice if in the future it supported HTML rendering with CSS, so we could code are own.

There is this plugin here that just might do the trick:

I dont think its possible to use the default Bubble mail servers however

If not you could use the SendGrid plugin, signup to SendGrid and use transnational email to accomplish, the daily limit is pretty good at 100 emails.