Native app sponsor

Let’s start saying that bubble and its community is awesome.

I am not a engineer, just a guy up to do whatever to make his idea come true. And i did, but then you need a native app, and walls start to appear again.

Now we need the same approach for native app, at least an official way to get our MVP to the stores. So let’s sponsor it.

1.- A could create a list of requests, but i am sure that the bubble team already has a plan for native apps (solutions needed for iOS and Android), which is really far in the bubble roadmap. So i would like to know that features/ideas/solutions and the price to make it a reality in a reasonable time.

2.- I invite everybody interested in sponsoring native apps to comment and share your ideas/requests.


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I think i didn’t make my self clear, i am not talking about the whole bubble roadmap, i am talking about the mobile specific road map, i am going to edit my entry and try to make it clear