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Roadmap - Native App Support


Congrats on the 200K customer achievement. Goes without saying that you’ve changed a lot of lives along the way, mine included.

Would it be possible to give us a few more clues on the native app plans?


I think other Bubble devs would I agree with me that 70 - 80% of our requests are to build or provide native app support. I alway turn them down as I don’t feel that a webview solution is good enough.

I keep planning to take some time off Bubble to learn Swift but this snippet from the roadmap has kept me intrigued and there is a little voice in my head that keeps saying “be patient, native app support is coming”

Any further clues would be a huge help for future planning.

Thanks, Greg


I’d also like some info on this too.

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I remember a while back, the bubble team sent an email to all bubblers a survey on their experience with bubble and what features and priorities they would like to see on bubble.

There was a question in the survey that allows you to prioritize a set of features the way you would want, and I set Native Mobile as #1, Performance as #2. and I’m sure many of us thought having Native Mobile capabilities in their top 3.

When you master bubble you feel like you can build anything as a web app, but let’s face it the future is Mobile.

For my project, I had to use Dropsource for Native mobile experience and integrate that through API, but you will face many many limitations there.

To be honest when you master bubble, you get addicted and you don’t want to deal with other platforms.
Imagine you can build your web and mobile app on bubble.:heart_eyes::boom:

Looking forward to hear more on this from the Bubble team.


I’m glad this topic has arisen…

Every time there is an update on the Bubble platform and I see the little present icon to indicate this, I genuinely get excited, no matter the size of the actual update. It’s great to see the ongoing progress the team work hard on to develop the platform further.

With this said however I do feel like Bubble’s roadmap has become a bit stale and doesn’t truly convey new features in much detail. I realise some features may be way off from a deployment date, but it would be nice if perhaps there could be a periodic update from the team on just how things are going with that feature, in this case the native app support - progress, minor details, UI screenshots, limitations, next steps.

The announcement topic would be a great place to house these ‘feature update posts’ and I think this would assure Bubblers of the momentum being made and generate excitement about the future of the platform, rather than details or updates being somewhat kept behind closed doors until they are deployed.

The added functionality of native tools and deployment would be an incredibly useful asset and hope to see it in the near future :+1:.



We don’t have a timeline for native apps, as it’s a very large project (based on different technologies). So I can’t say when we’ll start working on this, and it’s not for the near future.

Many users have managed to wrap Bubble apps and submit it to the App Stores though, and we hear that it works for them. Best is to ask for help on the forum.


It was a good idea to have Bubble iOS, even it was just a wrapper. It gave people the sense of creating an app. The free open product is a good choice for 100% native or with webview together.

“With Jasonette, you don’t even have to be a programmer. Anyone can make an app. And do it in minutes, not days or weeks.”

“Simply change your JSON content on the server, and watch the app change in front of your eyes, instantly!” No more need to send each time an update to stores.

Totally understand that it’s not for the near future but was hoping for a better explanation of what you guys are planning. What does “A great solution” mean exactly?

I don’t think webviews are good enough in my opinion and if there is no timeline at all I’ll probably move to Swift development - given the essential need for Native experiences.

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Maybe i’m in the minority here but i don’t see how this should be a priority for Bubble.

I can’t think of a case where a native app should be the basis for an MVP and I see two main use cases for bubble:

  1. Empowering small businesses and organisations to create their own tools to help get stuff done more efficiently.

  2. A platform for product makers to build and test concepts hella quick. :ok_hand:t3:

Neither of which require native app functionally.


I’m with @pauljamess here. There’s still a lot to be done on web. That said, for a mobile app I’m serving myself with Nativescript, but it requires coding.

There are no-code (visual) solutions out there, like Dropsource, Thunkable and Makeroid, but beware because Thunkable and Makeroid do put their ads on your app and control your app, even on Thunkable paid membership you still have their logo on your app. Maybe one of these may serve the need for visual native app development.
However, none of these visual solutions are as powerful as Bubble is.

I agree with your comments. It seems these days we need to look at most things almost mobile first and even Google are taking this angle in terms of indexing priority based on the mobile view. I suppose now with the information provided it seems like native support on Bubble is a way off on the schedule, but useful to know to put plans in order right.

I guess the next best thing (feature wise) would be optimising and improving the usability of the responsive views of our apps, as from my experience its quite painful process to fully optimise our web apps to view just right, even a few extra mobile only tools/functions would really help - hopefully something can be rolled out to address these gripes one hopes…

But as from my past comment, I’d really appreciate if Bubble could expand a little more on the roadmap features going forward and give us little updates as things progress.


I totally agree about mobile, just not native mobile :slight_smile:

Begs the question why native mobile apps exists at all.

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Is there an answer to the question of this thread now?