Lorem%20ipsum... - How to prevent default Slug

Hi all,

my pages are using slugs to display page’s content (I created a small CMS to manage articles). Works great so far.
So you can click a url like “www.myapp.c om/guestbook” (“open external link”-bubble-function) an the page reloads and displays the database record matching slug=guestbook.

The challenge is:
if a user enters my domain url in the browser, like “www.mya pp.com” then bubble append the string “/Lorem%20ipsum…”.

I already read that this is a default slug coming from bubble. so far so good. But I think that could be a problem for SEO optimization. Because: I’m showing a database text element (body) on my homepage. also a title, coming from the database. If I navigate to the website’s base url, the page shows up and - for a second - the text “Lorem ipsum…” is displayed in the text fields that should display the database text. It needs just less that a second to replace the “Lorem Ipsum…” text with the text coming from the database.

any ideas how to get it a better way? it also looks not nice to the visitor if he sees a text for a second and then another text…

… hope I explained it well ;-()

thanks a lot -

solved it!
I have to simply remove the params in the url complete. I was in debug-mode :-)))