Lost features with recent price changes

Am I going mad?

Prior to the plan/price changes we had the ability to push individual changes to Live?\

This appears to have disappeared?

Now if I want multiple versions I have to be on the Production plan? - I thought they agreed to move this down to professional?

Have I missed something? - I am Currently on Professional Legacy plan?


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I mentioned this as well. Had occasion to push a quick fix the other day and couldn’t do it anymore. Will this be restored @emmanuel?

And the worst part is that all or most new features will forget about legacy plan users, extremely annoying and shows that the @Bubble team is forgetting about its users, the community, the people who made them them.

So is this only available on the Professional New plan?

I’d like to second this! Really miss the ability to push specific changes for quick fixes & updates. Did the new versioning feature break this ability?

Unfortunately yes, the feature was quite unreliable and led to a lot of issues for many users. We’re looking at options to have a similar behavior but that’s not a quick fix.

Ok but I thought versions were moving to Professional plan, did these only go to new and not legacy?

Correct, that’s available on the new professional plan

oh wow - that’s not good, you keep on landing the blows.

You need to update this then as it only shows 1 version - https://bubble.io/pricing

I wonder if @bubble understands this use case (because I guess this is normal):

I have 4 apps running now and I am paying for (across multiple Bubble accounts):

  • 1 * Prof Plan new $115
  • 1 * Prof plan old $69
  • 3 * Personal plan old $48
  • 1 * Agency plan $37

Total per month $269

So not quite a Production client but getting close but feel like I am being penalised with features behind the pay wall because I am not running one big app but lots of smaller ones!

Am I alone?


No, you are not.

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