If I'm on Professional (Legacy) can I change plans to Team (Legacy) or a new one and still go back?

Hi everyone I just had a question about plans as I’m confused trying to see the differences. I’m on Professional (Legacy) which has worked great for us and shows $69 monthly. I need to have 2 developers have access to our system now in addition to myself so 3 in total, but it shows the next plan up is Team (Legacy) which jumps to $185 for 7 people. It also says schedule actions on a daily basis and schedule up to 10 recurring events per thing. What do both of those features refer to, as I thought I already could use API workflow and have things happen on a schedule, or I guess maybe not?

When I check online though it just shows the new plans so not even really sure how my plan compares to that. The new Professional one shows 2 application editors as well but doesn’t mention the schedule actions on a daily basis or schedule up to 10 recurring events per thing, and just says “daily workflows” so is that the same thing? The next one up is Production to allow 3 developers but that jumps to $529!

If I change my plan can I still go back to Legacy plans, or if I switch off of one of them do I lose the ability to ever go back to a Legacy one? Same with if I go to Team (Legacy) can I ever go back to Professional (Legacy)?

Just finding this confusing as the new Professional plan is more expensive than the current Professional (Legacy) plan I’m on today but seems like it’s worse? Then Team (Legacy) seems better, but doesn’t seem to have any comparison in the new plans.

If you have access to legacy plans (the criteria for this is that your account was created prior to our most recent price update in August of 2019) you can freely switch between Legacy plans and the new pricing plans until August 2021. At that time, if your app is still on a Legacy plan, it will be locked into that plan and you will only be able to upgrade to the newer payment plans.

You should be able to see the changes that your plan would make to your app’s capabilities when you go to upgrade, though do reach out to our team at support@bubble.io if you have any further questions.

Great thanks!

One quick question as it doesn’t show me what my plan includes, only when I try to pick another plan it shows what that one includes. It says Team (Legacy) adds:

● Schedule actions on a daily basis

● Schedule up to 10 recurring event per thing

So does that mean I’d be able to use Bubble then to do something like at midnight every day:

  • Retrieve a value from external System A via API
  • Send that value to external System B via API

And if so, have it repeat that over a list of like 100+ records in Bubble?


Can you elaborate @eve on this, I have no clue as we can loop as often we want. Speed reduction on lower plan?