Lower case inputs?

Is there a way I can make it so they can only type in lower case in a input. I don’t want to use :lowercase, that will ruin a part of my app.

You can run ‘on change’ workflow but it’s only one second after they stop entering the input, than you run action to lowercase. Don’t think right now capturing each letter in js… maybe @jarrad has an idea to convert instantaneously?

Bubble has a feature to add custom javascript to page…so you could add the following to a HTML element on your page

var textBoxes = document.getElementsByClassName(“bubble-element Input”);
textBoxes[0].style. textTransform =“lowercase”;

(Put the above in a script tag…I was unable to add the script tag to my post)
You will just need to do some “trial and error” to get the correct textbox in your page…
i.e. try textBoxes[0], textBoxes[1],textBoxes[2]…textBoxes[n].

Once you get it right…no need for any further changes.
Since this is a “client side implementation” it will be really fast…


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