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Quick question about :lowercase

Hi forum,

I just need quick support on a small issue I ran into, I have been trying to get it fixed over the last hour without success

For some reason the function :lowercase is not working for. I need the Initial Content of a input to be in lowercase, but its not working out

Can someone help please?
Thanks in advance!

I think you might need to put the lowercase after the ArtistName as well. Not 100% sure that lowercase works in inputs though. If it is not, you may want to send Bubble a bug report to find out if the input element is expected to accept that operator or not. I would expect it does though.

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You are correct. Inputs do accept the :lowercase operator but @gm.rogierthe needs to put :lowercase after each expression. Since the Initial Content is two expressions separated by a hyphen, the :lowercase will need to be used twice at the end of each one. One lowercase could be used if the expression used :append to add the hyphen and then :append to add the second expression. The :appends would make this one expression in which case the lowercase could be used just once at the end.

thanks guys, solved the issue!