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When writing = To write in small letters (Input - Restriction)


As user types at random input (let’s say #hashtags for own profile), could we make it written as lowercase, and perhaps no spaces to make?

Ps. Not writing about how to save or show (input) data, with FInd & Replace and :lowercase, rather to have in the real time (the same feature if you will) as user writes in the input?

Have seen that across the web for while ago, must be a way :smiley: If we can go first without plugin solution? :slight_smile:

You can do these by javascript.

Link to my demo and click template for bubble editor.

Feel free to dm me if you got any question.

Cheers, Ada.


Is it the case that I would need to add in nearly every page the javascript code (workflow), and than spread across the multiple inputs (attaching the code to each input element), as every page more or less has popups, and even some pages has multiple popups, and than each popup has multiple inputs - the question is than as i don’t know Java, do i need to include each element separately in the code, and of course add it to each page that desires so, and if there is something else? (Sorry, there are three questions eventually :))

For now having to save in the data as lowercase, which is fine for now.

In our template, we get the element by ID attribute and attach a javascript function or CSS to it. If you need to do it for multiple elements, I think it would be better to add classes instead of id attributes. Take a look at Classify.

This is not something the module supports right now and it would take me a while to develop it. I’d recommend booking a 1:1 session to get this new function developed.

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Thanks for the solution!

I’ve decided to continue with our current concept, which is to save data only in lowercases format, as priority is not this particular UX/UI.

I hope that it helps to someone, and who knows, maybe to me in the future as well! :smiley:

Thanks again @ada! :slight_smile:

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Btw. What about character standardization, e.g. to have one “language” which is, as we are based in Sweden which has different letters that are not seen and used by English language for example.

Same as we save data with lowercases, can we do the same to standardize characters? :slight_smile:

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