Magic link and password reset SSL protocol error with sendgrid

Hey all,

Currently …
Given that I request a magic link or password reset link on mobile
When I open that link from my inbox
Then I get the following error in my browser: “This site can’t provide a secure connection - sent an invalid response - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

However, the links work perfectly fine when I try this from my desktop.

More details

  • I am using the same wifi network for desktop and mobile testing
  • When I Bubble sends me my magic link or password reset without using Sendgrid, the links works fine on mobile.

I am very confused why mobile and desktop would have different outcomes here. Any ideas?

Ok I pseudo fixed this. Jic anyone else struggles here …

My branded tracking links in Sendgrid were disrupting the handoff on mobile for some reason. I removed branded tracking links from Sendgrid and my DNS and it worked. I also disabled tracking in Sendgrid but not 100% sure that was necessary.