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Hi everybody,

For some reasons, since the 20th of October I have an issue with my mails :

On Sendgrid they are marked as “delivered” but I can’t find them anywhere in my mailbox (Spam, Junk, I searched everywhere. For some reasons this only occur with professional mailboxes and only using Outlook.
I eventually checked in the quarantine section, and here they are ! Is there a new update that could be the cause of those issues ?

All the solutions I’ve found here are not working for me (using CDN, hiding etc…)

I really need this to be fix soon as mails are a very very important part of my client’s application.
Thanks for your help,


SendGrid :-1: :+1:

Sorry for the short answer but there’s so many posts here (seems more recently, but plenty in the past) about SendGrid’s deliverability issues


Thanks for the answer (super fast :slight_smile: )
Yeah, I usually use Brevo, but I am not the creator of the app, just helping them with bugs.
I’d be happy to use Postmark , but as mentionned the app is litteraly built around sendgrid (more than 25 email workflows), and I really don’t want to take the risk of destroying everything while rebuilding all of them…

I saw that you were active in older topics, do you know if someone found a solution ?

In terms of SendGrid’s deliverability, I think it’s beyond our control assuming you’ve verified your domain and all the other stuff they recommend :cry:

Might be worth contacting their support if they can look deeper into the logs, or if there are any logs on SendGrid itself

Yeah I did everything within the DNS section, and followed all the recommandations.
I contacted their support but they ended up telling me the problem was on my side and that they can’t do nothing.

Bubble should really implement another mailing solution, or create their own, the mailing management might be the worst I’ve encoured with any nocode tool.

If you come across a solution, or if anyone else can help me, I’d be super glad.

Yea I don’t like that they went with SendGrid for their built-in email, and that the “from” address is app-wide.

But the beauty is we can use API Connector or plugins to use a different service :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My solution was Postmark, started with a free plugin available, moved to API Connector, got annoyed with that and made my own plugin to handle a few more features I needed.

Ok so I made some tests with another app, and no matter what’s inside the email, no matter who’s sending, and to whom, if you try to send an email to a professionnal email adress, it won’t work with the most used mail app a.k.a Outlook.

I really believe this is a major issue for Bubble, I can’t be the only one facing this issue, and I really believe that this problem exists since 5 days now.

Yea Bubble support would point fingers at SendGrid, then SendGrid support would just point fingers at Bubble

(SendGrid’s fault for bad deliverability and support, Bubble’s fault for using them)

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If your client’s email actions are pretty straight forward emails and don’t use SendGrid templates, you might be surprised how fast you can replace all 25 actions with Rich Postmark emails Plugin | Bubble

At least as a patch job because your client’s app needs to get working again.

We had this problem early-on. Are you using a dedicated IP address? If not, your emails are being sent from the same IP address as other Sendgrid users. It takes only one sketchy email sent by an unrelated company to get the entire IP address flagged.

Thanks Tyler, I’ll try to see if they are ok with it !

No we are not using dedicated IP for now, but I’ll try to convince my client to pay 100$/mo. If they are willing to pay, and it works I’ll come back to mark this post as the solution,
Thank you !

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