MailChimp Extended - double opt-in

I’ve been fiddling around with the MailChimp Extended plugin and I’m running into an issue. The mailing list I’m using is a double opt-in kind. Using the “subscribe member” action, I can successfully add a member to the mailing list. However, no emails go out, whether it be welcome, double-opt in’s or CAPTCHA’s. The user just shows up as subscribed.

A bit of Googling has suggested that the status of the subscriber in the case of a double opt-in list needs to be set to “pending” and not “subscribed”, as done by the plugin, that the “pending” status would trigger the emails. Anyone know more about this or how I should go about making this happen?

@romanmg, do you have any thoughts on this?


Hi @TechieInAK,

I’ve just updated the plugin to expose the subscriber status field so that you can subscribe members as “pending” for double opt-in flows. Keep in mind that Mailchimp does not show you pending subscribers. They will appear in your lists as “subscribed” after they’ve confirmed their email address through the double opt-in process.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this update. Make sure to update the plugin from the plugin settings area to see the new field.

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try this morning.

Yes noticed while testing yesterday, that pending subs are not showing up until they confirm the opt-in email.

Works like a charm!

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where can we see that field?
Its for the action : “Add an email to a Mailchimp list”, since I’m not getting any opt-confirmation email