Main users uploading data to lower users' profiles

Hi, I need help with creating a function within my app.

Basically I want an Educator (user-B) to be able to upload test results of a particular student (user-A) to a data type (Physical fitness test) and then have the student’s profile be able to extract pass/fail information to a progress bar (the test is on of 3 onboarding tests) based on formulas.

If this makes sense please help.

Hi, have you decided on a user flow for uploading this data?
Will it be another form teachers fill out or maybe they take a photo.
what percentage constitutes a pass or a fail?

So for the test I am looking at is a Fitness Test (need to run track in x amount of time) so i was thinking of having an interface that only the educator can access. but then how does the educator look up Trainees (is there a specific input i should use?) and then i was thinking of having a stopwatch feature that when the educator presses “stop” it will submit the track time to the trainee’s profile. but then how do I command a specific time to be a pass? (say the trainee ran the track in 1:30 minutes and the requirement would be 1:15 minutes)