Connecting submitted data to user/student

Hi, I’m trying to build a grade book of sorts. It is a way to track progress in interventions. I’ve made it work in spreadsheets but am struggling to get the same function in Bubble. I have users, students, and student progress info. Users would submit student progress data in a regular form. I have student, intervention, progress info, and user data types.

I’ve built the form to submit and have the database set to collect it. The difficulty that im experiencing is two things:

1.) getting the submitted student data to connect to enrolled students
2.) being able to average the submitted student info. all the student info is submitted in the total points and earned points so it should be a simple earned divided by total formula

Any help with either issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, @cmheim08… with regard to your first issue, I assume when the user is submitting data for a student, they are identifying the specific student (via a dropdown or something) on the form, yes? If that’s the case, you will want your Progress Info data type to have a field (likely called Student) that has a Field type of Student (which is your student data type). Saving the specific student to that field is how you will make the connection between the data and enrolled students. Does that make sense?

About your second issue, can you provide some more information (maybe even a screenshot or two) about what you are doing with that average? Is it something you are trying to calculate and save on a regular basis? Do you only need it in real time when a user accesses a particular page of the app? A bit more context would be useful on this one.


Thanks for responding. I attached a couple of screenshots of the data types and fields. I have several data types for the app overall. The progress form (Form1) has a bunch of fields in the shot. I have fields for student and i think i have it set to pull from the Student data type. I’m not sure how to pull the submitted data into a group or text box.

I did get the averages to work, sort of. I added some hidden input fields on the Form Submit page that sum and average numbers submitted. Those have data fields as well.

How would i make it so that if i create a student profile page the name (and other demographic info that is inputted) is displayed and the average of all the submitted average is also displayed?

I would like to have a student profile page with that info displayed along with a school page that displays all students and their averages.