Maintain user records from a 3rd party

Hi bubblelys

I was wondering if some one could help me here.

I have built a small SaaS application which has been a lot of fun.

I have recently been asked if it’s possible for a client to integrate with his company payroll system they have at small 20 person business and they maintain their company user records on another application.

Essentially, the client does not want to go in and add all 20 people into my application and maintain two sets of users. He just wants to maintain the records on their existing payroll application and that would obviously sync to my applications user table.

Then I was thinking about it from a SAAS perspective, I was thinking is it possible for anybody that signs up to my application have the ability to self connect the user table (certain Fields) to their own HR/Payroll department software?

I’ve never really been a developer until I joined bubble so I do not have this advanced experience here.

I would truly appreciate any advice that I could move forward on.

As always, bubble community is awesome.

Kinds regards

Tim Garrett

Hi @timgarrett111

I would recommend that you start to learn more about the API connector and being able to grab data from an external app, as long as they have an API in the app they are using you should be able to build in the API workflow to pull in employees.

I have a big enterprise app which requires us to start looking at similar before we pull out of Alpha.

I would recommend @romanmg course covers everything about implementing API.

It will take a bit of time to learn the ins and outs (still learning here) of the API and json syntax (not has hard as it sounds).

There are other API courses I think.

Good luck!

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Hi StevenM

It’s ironic I just had my Gmail open and halfway through a email to Gaby about her course.

Yep and I completely agree with you it’s a natural next step for me to educate myself around it first.

Thanks @StevenM I always see a lot of your communication on this forum and it always has value so It’s appreciated.



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