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Maintenance going on right now?

Lots of crashes and extreme - to the point of unworkable - lag.

Wondering if there’s an update/maintenance going on? Or is no one else experiencing this? It’s not my overall internet, I’ve checked.


Seems OK here. You aren’t using the “old” forum app are you ? That is a lagfest.

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How would I know which one I’m using? I’m just logging in to and editing my app from there.

If it is your own app then you aren’t. Seems OK here, sorry.

No prob, thanks - I’m on the West Coast. Another user here I know is also having trouble with it tonight.

@georgeciobanu would you be able to confirm if there’s maintenance or if we should be concerned that it’s something with our account?

We have a lot of work to do tomorrow for a Monday morning deadline, if it’s our account we’ll lose lots of valuable time assuming it’s just maintenance.

Thank you!

Actually, it is a bit laggy now. Seems to come and go. Totally locked out for a bit, now back ok.

Am in the UK.

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Exactly - keeps crashing on me in the middle of edits that already taking much longer than usual unfortunately.

@appiterator @NigelG

Hi guys, I’m in Dubai, also very ‘laggy’ here - unable to deploy to live for my updated app.

Have you heard any updates?


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@emmanuel, known issues?

Everything looks fine now, let us know if you still experience issues.


Hi George, We’re still experiencing issues with the preview mode - not updating with the correct changes happening in the development screens.

Can you investigate please?

Many thanks.

Hey guys, sorry about all the lagginess. There is not any planned maintenance – this looks like a possible infrastructure issue; I’m investigating it right now. I’m following up with some of you over email to get more details… Hopefully will be able to get to the bottom of this soon.

I’m still investigating the issues (@appiterator and @craigmcd10, I sent you both an email asking some questions re: your specific apps), but my current theory is that it’s a problem with the issue checker. The issue checker uses a lot of resources, and can sometimes cause the editor to hang / crash, especially with larger apps. We’re working on fixing this, but as a work-around, you can disable it on your app by adding &issues_off=true to the editor url (so for instance,


That certainly makes sense as to why the old forum app was so slow, there were hundreds of errors.

(Just to clarify, the issue checker can make things slow even on apps with no errors: if the app is big, it takes time to check to confirm that there are no errors…)

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Not sure if it is a bubble issue, but I cant seem to even load the app editor without my chrome browser doing the “Aw, Snap, something went wrong while displaying this web page”. Normally this happens occassionally if things are processing slow and I just refresh and try again. This seems to be happening regularly within 15 seconds of page load for the last hour. I’ve made quick edits and kept refreshing to make changes, but now Im finding it impossible to launch an update.

Anyone else have this? Is it a chrome setting for timing out?

I am running in to this all the time lately.I get the “Aw, Snap” screen about every 20-30 minutes, sometimes losing some of my work.

It’s the only blemish on an otherwise amazing experience. Where I am really getting stung is deploying an update. It usually takes 4-5 tries to get it to publish without crashing.

That’s probably because your app is getting big and the issue checker is being slow. How many pages do you have?