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Major CDN issue for plugins!

There appears to be a major issue with plugins CDN and they are not rendering in the app!




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Submitted a bug report lets hope someone is listening.


Fingers crossed. Can’t imaging this not affecting more people. @StevenM Can you post the link to the bug here?

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Airdate time picker is also down as is the DataTables

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Same issues over here :confused:

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Same thing is happen to my date plugin. @emmanuel, @seanhoots said it might be because of Bubble?


Same here

:confused: all the external plugin are broke.
i use AirDate/TimePicker from @seanhoots, the rich text from @gaurav and zeroqode @levon.
Hope @emmanuel and bubble team can fix asap, all my clients apps fail

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@StevenM we’re looking into this


same issue with Air Date/Time Picker

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On the developer canvas, I can’t see the element editor when I click ‘edit’ on an element. I think it’s somewhere out of view. Hard to tell if this is unrelated or part of the plugin issue (I do have plugins installed, but not using any in the app I’m in currently.)

Welp, I’m seeing the issue in Prod now for this post too.

Uninstalling the Air Database Diagram and Air Shortcut Keys seems to have resolved my issue, fwiw

We will update the status page for this issue

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Not sure if this is related, but I’m noticing that content that was set in my page’s page header, is now suddenly instead showing up in top of the body, preceded by a mysterious comma:

There’s actually a lot of oddly placed commas. Here’s a few, but I’m seeing many more.


Still having issues: e.g. the Toolbox plugin

The plugin Toolbox / element Expression threw the following error: ReferenceError: moment is not defined
at getDates (eval at (eval at m.create_code (, :3:23)
at eval (eval at (eval at m.create_code (, :12:1) (please report this to the plugin author)

@neerja I’ve just received an email saying that this issue’s been resolved but there’s been no change for either dev/live environments! Hoping you can pass this on so they reopen the issue.

Yep back up now all working for me!