Feather icon – critical bug – don't display on live (but display normal on dev)

Today after update all my feather icon don’t display on live and display normal on dev.

Maybe someone faced a similar problem, how to solve?

Hey there @se.belobrov,

I would revert the version of the plugin for now until @AirDev is able to fix it.

the thing is, I haven’t updated the plugin. I meant that yesterday I did deploy dev to live and it’s broken

Do your icons depend on database values by any chance? If so, you may need to populate the relevant parts of your live database with values from your dev database. That’s usually my first port of call when I see differences in behaviour between dev and live.

No. I’ve been working with bubble for a long time. I understand things like that. It’s in plugin bug

Ah, interesting @stephanie @vlad is there a fix for this?

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I ran into the same issue - I removed the plugin. :confused:

Hi @se.belobrov and @w.fly,

Thank you for reporting this. Could you add dev@airdev.co as a collaborator to your app with admin rights and DM me your editor link? I haven’t been able to reproduce this bug but if you can provide temporary access to your app then we would be able to investigate what is causing this. Thank you so much!

@stephanie Unfortunately I won’t be of much help as I’ve already removed the plugin from my app. I don’t recall it breaking any displays… Just posting an error in the debugger for me


thanks for your answer.
At this moment probles is disappeared. It appeared by itself. And disappeared by itself. It’s just that at some point, all the icons began to be displayed again. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to repeat it.

Thank you for letting me @se.belobrov. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if it happens again! In the meantime, we’ll review the plugin to see if we can reproduce this.


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