Make API call to change to a list of things

Hello everyone,
I am trying to understand how to get data from a source (Google Fit) that requires multiple API calls to receive all the information I need.

The situation:

  • On the first API call, I receive a list of sessions that include ID, START TIME, END TIME, and TYPE.
    Here is example data:

  • The second API call returns the distance for each activity.
    It’s a POST type call, and I need to choose the a START DATE and END DATE as Body parameters.

I try to connect between the two calls by making a work flow that

  1. Pulls the sessions to the daba using a backend workflow and create a data thing for each session. (that part works well)
  2. In the same workflow I call again to the API and using another backend workflow I try to make changes to a thing where the start time, end time, and type for each session in the database match the data retrieved from the API:


The second API works when I use it to create new data things but I can’t make it change existing data things at scale.

Please let me know if you have ideas on how to solve it or better way to tackle that from the first place.
Thank you!