Make Bubble Multilingual

@grace.hong Took a random peek at the other language channels on this forum and saw very little engagement in them… the most active language is Portuguese with a whopping 379 posts:

In comparison English language posts are in excess of 34k.

Seems like a huge opportunity for Bubble if it were easier to use in other languages. Just day dreaming here about all of the people in Spain, parts of Africa, Japan, etc who could be building things in their communities but wouldn’t know where to start, much less how to continue. Out of curiosity, are you guys able to or looking at making Bubble multi-lingual?


Hey @zelus_pudding ,

Yep, Brazil has the largest Bubble user base in the world, according to Similarweb:

The biggest reason for this large user base is probably that I’ve spent over U$1M USD (a million dollars) in marketing my Bubble Course (Comunidade Sem Codar) in Brazil in the last 3 years.

Our Youtube channel has 90k subscribers and 350k monthly views.
Our paid course has over 7k members and 900+ Bubble lessons.

Actually, Bubble is so popular in Brazil that it has appeared as the 15th (of 80) most popular technology among developers at the latest 2022 Programmers/Developers Survey, with an average salary of ~U$18k/year (7x the minimum wage in Brazil, it would compare to a salary of U$100k/year in USA):

So, basically, we’re very good at two things that Bubble is not: education and marketing.

However, let’s face it: Bubble is probably one of the most disrupting softwares of our generation, they don’t need to be good at marketing. They’re awesome.
I’ve already asked Bubble to translate the Bubble editor, and I’ve actually offered to translate everything for them. But it’s not on their roadmap.
And frankly speaking, I really think their time is better spent on new features, and not on translating the editor. We can manage with english.

So, @zelus_pudding, we do what we do best: we train as many people as we can on becoming great Bubble developers, Bubble designers, Bubble software houses, Bubble plugin creators and Bubble freelancers.
We help Bubble software houses on finding the best Bubble developers (our best students).
We help Bubble developers become even better and better paid.
We help startups build their MVP on Bubble.
We help investors to find the best Startups.

That’s what we do and how we do it: we help.

Thanks, @zelus_pudding :slight_smile:

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Woah! I had no idea usage was that high outside of the USA - very surprising. I know you’ve had a ton of success teaching about Bubble on Youtube. Congratulations with this :slight_smile: Is there some innate reason Bubble developers in Brazil don’t use the forum to get help with one another? Are most conversations around this happening in Youtube comment sections/Facebook?

@zelus_pudding, we have a private group for the course students:

Our private group is almost as active as this one, but it’s 100% in Portuguese :slight_smile: