Make changes to a list: increment value

I have a list of items, and I want to increase the value of each item in the list by a certain amount. I am using the Make Changes to a List action. The problem is that I can’t specify the previous value of the item. I want to say something like: curBalance = curBalance + 1000, but I’m not sure how to get curBalance (a field of the item) on the right side of the equals sign. Any help would be appreciated.

Item 1: 5 + 1000 → 1005
Item 2: -23 + 1000 → 977
Item 3: 111 + 1000 → 1111

Hey @jean.borno,

When you make a change to a list of something, you’ll have access to “This [data type name]” within the composer when you’re setting up the field’s new value.

For example, here I’m making a change to a list of Loans. The “Amount Still Owed” field is being updated for all Loans so that the new number is “This Loan’s Amount Still Owed” + 1000. That’ll take each Loan’s current amount and add 1000 to it.

That should do it!

Cheers, Gaby
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Thank you so much! This solved my problem.

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