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Why is it so difficult to make a simple increment button? [SOLVED]

Edit - So I was trying to build the expression and reference IN the “to change field” and not in the “change another value” field. /facepalm

So I’m still learning. I want to make a simple voting app. I have a field and a button for creating values
that I can then “do a search for.”
When a new entry is created, it has a value that is set to one.

I have a text label that outputs the name of this entry and its value. The problem arises when I add an icon, or
button to increment the value. Add action -> “Make changes to thing” doesn’t work. When I enter “do a search for” and select my data type “object”, the type field remains blank, and “do a search for” is highlighted in red.

And no matter how I structure it, this seems to be the one universal problem I keep running into. Outside of repeating groups, it seems to be impossible to alter the value of some field by using “do a search for.”
It almost seems like the entire system refuses to let me handle specific references in the database. :\

This tripped me up for awhile too (and similarly drove me crazy).

When you add action “Make changes to thing”, the key is to only enter the name of your thing itself in that first dynamic block. We’ll call your thing ‘Entry’. So, just put “Make changes to Entry” – do not put “Make changes to Entry’s Votes” or any other dynamic instruction or calculation in that first box. That’s where I kept messing it up anyways.

After you set the first box to “Make changes to Entry”, THEN click the “+ Change Another Value” button, then choose your Votes field (I’ll call it Votes here), and finally then set it to:

Votes = Current cell’s Entry’s Votes + 1

Note here I am assuming you have your vote icon and your text field inside a group or repeating group of some kind. Otherwise your syntax would have to refer to the specific Entry, not just the general entry.

Does that help?


Indeed. That’s a design choice we’ve made (it could really be either way). I’ll think about a way to make that people realize it’s one way and not the other.

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Yes please… Can you make this clear somehow in the Workflow… took me an hour of messing about to get there today, and I’ve been using Bubble for a while now… Sometimes we forget how to do simple things that we have done before.


For me it is that use of the word “thing” that is confusing.

“Thing” gives the idea that it is conceptual.

In this case, “thing” is concrete. It is absolutely a single instance of a data type.

“Make Change to Row” and then “Cell to change” …

“Make Change to record” … Field.


A field (quite a concrete concept) being something on a “thing” just doesn’t seem to have that “whole : part” relationship in English.

It isn’t … “A thing” (singular object of vague type and location)… It is “THIS thing”.

" Bring me a thing, please" …vs “Bring me THAT thing please”.

Make a change to the the field on THIS thing ?

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